kim gnägi


design statement

Family, friends, and professors describe me as a hard-working student that is dedicated to success. No matter what task I am given; whether it be in the classroom, the workplace, or a personal setting; I approach it with game plan, in which I utilize to reach my final goal.


Four years ago, I came to the University of Tampa as a double-major in marine science and biology, but after three semesters of integrating art electives into my schedule, I decided to pursue my passion for creativity.


I soon realized that my marine background was a stepping stone on my path to something greater. I quickly became consumed with learning the art of graphic design, which also strengthened my communication skills, work ethic, and the ability to work with a team.


I am an anticipated graduate of May 2015 and my goal is to work with a company who is concerned with conservation, preservation, and sustainability. I have never forgotten about my past so because of that, I hope to mesh my passion for graphic design with my love for the marine environment, in order to create something, both, useful and beautiful.